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(2016) A Companion to Experimental Philosophy
Edited by Justin Sytsma and Wesley Buckwalter.

[introduction ]

(2015) The Theory and Practice of Experimental Philosophy
Justin Sytsma and Jonathan Livengood.
[introduction ]

(2014) Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Mind
Edited by Justin Sytsma.
[introduction ]


Articles and Book Chapters

(forthcoming) "Empirical Investigations: Reflecting on Turing and Wittgenstein on Thinking Machines." Jonathan Livengood and Justin Sytsma, in D. Proudfoot (Ed.), Turing and Wittgenstein on Mind and Mathematics, OUP.

[preprint ]

(2017) "Experimental Philosophy of Pain." Justin Sytsma and Kevin Reuter, special issue of Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research on experimental philosophy edited by J. Knobe, E. Machery, and S. Stich, 34(3): 611-628.

[preprint ]

(2017) "Two Origin Stories for Experimental Philosophy." Justin Sytsma, special issue of teorema on experimental philosophy edited by G. Martí, 36(3): 23-43.

[preprint ]

(2017) "Following the FAD: Folk Attributions and Theories of Actual Causation." Jonathan Livengood, Justin Sytsma, and David Rose, Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 8(2): 274-294.

[preprint ]

(2016) "Where is your pain? A Cross-cultural Comparison of the Concept of Pain in Americans and South Koreans." Hyo-eun Kim, Nina Poth, Kevin Reuter, and Justin Sytsma, Studia Philosophica Estonica, 9(1): 136-169.

[article ]

(2015) "Reference in the Land of the Rising Sun: A Cross-cultural Study on the Reference of Proper Names." Justin Sytsma, Jonathan Livengood, Ryoji Sato, and Mineki Oguchi, Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 6(2): 213-230.

[preprint ]

(2015) "Speaker's Reference and Cross-cultural Semantics." Edouard Machery, Justin Sytsma, and Max Deutsch, in A. Bianchi (ed.), On Reference, OUP.

(2014) "Attributions of Consciousness." Justin Sytsma, WIREs Cognitive Science, 5: 635-648.

[preprint ]

a. Reprinted in: (2016) A Companion to Experimental Philosophy, J. Sytsma and W. Buckwalter (eds.), Blackwell.

(2014) "Hallucinating Pain." Kevin Reuter, Dustin Phillips, and Justin Sytsma, in J. Sytsma (Ed.), Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Mind, Bloomsbury.

[preprint ]

(2013) "God Knows (But does God Believe?)." Dylan Murray, Justin Sytsma, and Jonathan Livengood, Philosophical Studies, 166: 83-107.

[preprint ]

(2013) "The Robots of the Dawn of Experimental Philosophy of Mind." Justin Sytsma, in E. Machery and E. O'Neill (eds.), Current Controversies in Experimental Philosophy, Routledge.

[preprint ]

(2012) "Revisiting the Valence Account." Justin Sytsma, Philosophical Topics, 40(2): 179-198.

[preprint ]

(2012) "Two Types of Typicality: Rethinking the Role of Statistical Typicality in Ordinary Causal Attributions." Justin Sytsma, David Rose, and Jonathan Livengood, Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, 43: 814-820.

[preprint ]

(2012) "The Two Sources of Moral Standing." Justin Sytsma and Edouard Machery, Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 3(3): 303-324.

[preprint ]

(2012) "Deep Trouble for the Deep Self." David Rose, Jonathan Livengood, Justin Sytsma, and Edouard Machery, Philosophical Psychology, 25(5): 629-646.

[preprint ]

(2012) "On the Relevance of Folk Intuitions: A Reply to Talbot." Justin Sytsma and Edouard Machery, Consciousness and Cognition, 21: 654-660.

[preprint ]

(2012) "Experimental Philosophy and Philosophical Disputes." Justin Sytsma and Jonathan Livengood, Essays in Philosophy, 13(1): 145-160.

[article ]

(2012) "Information Supply and Demand: Resolving Sterelny's Paradox of Cultural Accumulation." Justin Sytsma, in N. Payette (ed.), Connected Minds: Cognition and Interaction in the Social World, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

(2011) "A New Perspective Concerning Experiments on Semantic Intuitions." Justin Sytsma and Jonathan Livengood, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 89(2): 315-332.

[preprint ]

(2010) "Two Conceptions of Subjective Experience." Justin Sytsma and Edouard Machery, Philosophical Studies, 151(2): 299-327.

[preprint ]

a. Reprinted in: (2013) Experimental Philosophy, Vol. 2. J. Knobe and S. Nichols (eds.), Oxford University Press.

(2010) "Semantic Intuitions: Reply to Lam." Edouard Machery,
Max Deutsch, Ron Mallon, Shaun Nichols, Justin Sytsma, and Stephen Stich,
, 117: 363-366.

(2010) "Folk Psychology and Phenomenal Consciousness." Justin Sytsma, Philosophy Compass, 5/8: 700-711.

[preprint ]

a. Reprinted in: (2012) Philosophy: Traditional and Experimental Readings. F. Alhoff, R. Mallon, and S. Nichols (eds.), Oxford University Press.

(2010) "Philosophical Temperament." Jonathan Livengood, Justin Sytsma, Adam Feltz, Richard Scheines, and Edouard Machery, Philosophical Psychology, 23(3): 313-330.

[preprint ]

a. Reprinted in:(2012) Experimental Philosophy and Its Critics. J. Horvath and T. Grundmann (eds.), Routledge.

(2010) "The Proper Province of Philosophy: Conceptual Analysis and Empirical Investigation." Justin Sytsma, Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 1(3): 427-445.

[preprint ]

(2010) "Dennett's Theory of the Folk Theory of Consciousness." Justin Sytsma, Journal of Consciousness Studies, 17(3-4): 107-130.

[preprint ]

(2009) "Phenomenological Obviousness and the New Science of Consciousness." Justin Sytsma, Philosophy of Science, 76(5): 958-969.

[preprint ]

(2009) "How to study Folk Intuitions about Phenomenal Consciousness." Justin Sytsma and Edouard Machery, Philosophical Psychology, 22(1): 21-35.

Author Posting. (c) Taylor & Francis, 2009. This is the author's version of the work. It is posted here by permission of Taylor & Francis for personal use, not for redistribution. The definitive version was published in Philosophical Psychology, Volume 22 Issue 1, February 2009. (http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/09515080802703653)

[preprint ] [article ]

a. Reprinted in:(2012) La Philosophie Expérimentale. F. Cova, J. Dutant, E. Machery, J. Knobe, S. Nichols, and E. Nahmias (eds.), Paris: Vuibert. (French translation.)

(2007) "Language Police Running Amok." Justin Sytsma, Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, 27(1): 89-103.

(2007) "Neuroscience and Theoretical Psychology: What’s to worry about?" Peter Machamer and Justin Sytsma, Theory & Psychology, 17(2): 199-216.

a. Reprinted in: (2011) Theoretical Psychology--Contemporary Readings, H. Stam (eds), London: SAGE.

(2005) "Knowing Causes: Descartes on the World of Matter." Peter Machamer, J. E. McGuire, and Justin Sytsma, Philosophica, 76: 11-44.

(2005) "Neuroscienze e natura della filosofia." Peter Machamer and Justin Sytsma, Iride, 46: 495-514. (In Italian, translated by Alessandro Pagnini.)

a. Reprinted in:(2009) "Philosophy and the Brain Sciences." Peter Machamer and Justin Sytsma, Iris: European Journal of Philosophy and Public Discourse, 1(2): 65-86.


Reviews and Short Pieces

(2016) "Rethinking the Scope of Experimental Philosophy," review of Experimental Philosophy, Rationalism, and Naturalism: Rethinking Philosophical Methodology edited by E. Fischer and J. Collins. Metascience, 25(2): 301-304.

(2016) "Review of Advances in Religion, Cognitive Science, and Experimental Philosophy edited by H. De Cruz and R. Nichols."Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.
[review ]

(2015) "Review of Intuition by E. Chudnoff."Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 93(3): 610-613.

(2013) "Experimental Philosophy." Justin Sytsma and Edouard Machery, in B. Kaldis (ed.), Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Social Sciences, SAGE.

(2011) "Robot Pains and Corporate Feelings." Edouard Machery and Justin Sytsma, The Philosophers' Magazine, 1st Quarter, 2011: 78-82.

[article ]

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